Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keep those toons safe!!

So I am like most of you. I have that email account that I never check. You know, the one that you use to register your printer, setup logins on random websites, and basically just let it fill up with useless spam. Well, when I first started playing WoW I used that account to register with Blizz. However, since the merge with the BattleNet system I have switched the email account my WoW info is associated with.

The other day I was reminded that I hadn't checked my "junk account" in quite some time. To my surprise there were several emails from Blizzard about my account being hacked, compromised, and illegally sold. The emails said that if I didn't respond quickly that they would be forced to suspend my account for 3 hours to start or ban it altogether. My heart started racing and then I realized...wait a minute...this isn't the email address that Blizz has on file! Then I looked closer. It was impressive to behold. Whoever had sent this email had linked a dozen or so legitimate pages from the WoW website to try and throw me off the scam. They even listed the customer service numbers to Blizzard if I had any questions.

That was a close call! I am sure that if I had followed the links they provided to "resolve" the issues they purported as authentic that I would have either been asked for my password or worse yet, downloaded a keylogger of some sort to steal my login info.
If you don't have an authenticator attached to your account, GET ONE! This doesn't guarantee that no one will hack into your account, but it at least adds a layer of protection. In recent weeks I have heard about a method that hackers are using called, "the man in the middle". First they use a keylogger to get your password and then once you type in your authenticator code they try and quickly login to your account with your password and code and lock you out of your account.

Once I heard about this technique I changed how I log into WoW. On the mobile authenticator there is a "time bar" at the bottom of the screen that lets you know when the code will change again. I watch the bar as it moves from left to right and just before it changes the code I type in the last few digits of the authenticator code and then hit enter. In my best estimation this gives the "man in the middle" attack less of a window to hack into my account. What methods do you use to protect your account?

Be smart out there! Your toons are counting on you!
- Alan

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