Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Game Items for Money, Where to Next?

So by now I am sure most of you have heard about the new pet and mount that Blizzard added to their online store.  The mount was a Celestial Steed which is 25$ and the non-combat pet, Lil' XT which is 10$.  Both of which can be viewed here.  Both of these things are quite awesome, and if as many people bought them on your sever as they did on mine, then Blizzard made an absolute killing profit wise.

But with this I will bring up the question of where will be go from here?  Personally I have a hard time forking over 25$ for an in game item after I am paying 15$ a month already, and have other in game mounts that do the same thing.  More items will surely arrive, but what if Blizzard introduced a new whole bunch of pets or mounts and lowered the monthly subscription?  If I was able to put my 15$ a month toward buying an in game pet or mount, I would have no problem purchasing quite a few.  A mini Ragnaros possibly? Yes please, sign me up!  It will be interesting to see where this will go, especially with this sale being so successful and with more and more MMO's coming out Blizzard could find new ways to keep people playing WoW.

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