Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strength of Wrynn and Hellscream's ICC Buff Increased

For people who stepped into Icecrown Citadel last night noticed the increase for the Strength of Wrynn (Alliance) or the Strength of Hellscream (Horde) buff. Players now will have the following: 10% more health, 10% more healing and absorb done, and 10% more damage done while in the ICC raid zone. Zarhym dropped this off in the Blizzard forums here if you want to check it out.

With this news I know there will be the people out there who will say, "OMG BLIZZARD MAKING WOW FOR NOOBS!" I was actually one of those people prior to the 5% buff, but now I am a full supporter of it. But after raiding with it, it really is not that big of a deal.

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1. The people who were going to clear the fights prior to the buff, already did it. Those who have not cleared the boss yet, will now have a better chance to.
2. Still a lot of fights in ICC are based around tactics and execution. After Lord Marrowgar there really is no "tank and spank" type of fight. No matter how much of a buff players get, there are still people who will not understand the bite mechanic on Blood-Queen Lana'thel or might not be able to figure out how to deal with their debuffs during Sindragosa.
3. Blizzard must keep peoples interest in ICC until Ruby Sanctum arrives, and further more a Cataclysm release date. The current lasting ability of ICC has been huge. It came out in early December of 2009. Today is March 31st, 2010 and people are still pushing through ICC. Most guilds who are at 9/12 or 10/12 on boss kills in ICC are considered progressed. While people still seem interested in pushing though this instance to finish off the Lich King, there will be a point in which people will quit. Those guilds who would hit an enrage timer at 5% health left on the boss would soon lose interest and crumble. With this buff people are killing bosses a bit more and it keeps them coming back.
4. Lastly, why do you care? If you do not want the buff, take it off. It is there to help people pushing through the content to get into ICC hard modes before Cataclysm.

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