Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paper or plastic?

The addon I wanted to address in more detail today is Combuctor.

It's a bag mod that has very little setup and completely changes how you deal with items in your bags.

I like this mod more than other bag mods because it separates things when you want them to and has no confusing configuration (like some other bag mods).

People rave about Arkinventory, but it has so much setup that I don't understand why you would use it when combuctor does virtually the same thing and a bit more.

More past the Break!!

First Combuctor gives you one giant bag with many filter options and you can select an item type and also filter by item quality.  Here I have filtered my bags to show gear only:

The most helpful part about this feature is getting junk and trade goods out of my inventory.  I have a bank alt character that I mail everything I want to sell on the auction house to.
(I only had one item type on my main.)

 I can do this very quickly by just selecting the trade goods option and mailing everything away.  I can also find all my vendor trash very quickly and sell it myself.  I would rather sell my vendor trash this way, then have a mod automatically sell all my grey items, because it I still feel like I am doing the work instead of just having a mod take care of it for me.

Second it lets you see your bank at any time.  This feature is amazing.  There have been many times that I put something in my bank and forgot.  Instead of going all the way back to a banker I can search and filter my bank by just right clicking on the small bag icon at the top right.  Note: This only allows you to see your bank, not access it.
Finally, it let's you look at the bags and bank of your other characters, a feature I am not willing to screenshot at this moment, but trust me it works.  As long as you have logged in and used the mod on that toon it remembers all your toon names, bags, and banks.  Just right click on the top left head icon to change toons.

Hope this post was helpful, if you have any questions/comments please post below!


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  1. I don't know how I'd live without this one!!