Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Addon!? your face is an addon!

What would the World of Warcraft be if we didn't have addons?  I have tried countless time to get play without addons but I just can't do it.  Most of my addons just make things a bit easier while not removing the feeling of, "I'm doing it."  

RIght now I am running 20+ addons which would take me way too long to cover, so I have decided to just cover a few of my favorites.

Autobar is an addon I have been using since it first came out and I don't think I ever want to play without it.  I only use it for it's main bar, which handles items like hearthstones, food and water, potions, trinkets and various other needed items that I don't want to have on my normal bars.  

RicoMiniMap just does what I wish the normal map did.  I can move it.  I can mouse wheel zoom.  I can hide the buttons I never need to see.

MBB (minimap button bag) takes all your minimap buttons and consolidates them to one button... bag...

Dominos is a must have addon for my druid.  It adds a stealth bar for cat form, and when i shift into bear form it changes my main and secondary bar to bear only tanking skills.  This helps me keep persistent keybindings across most of my toons (i will address key bindings in a future post).

X-perl is a unit frame modifier that I use for a few reasons.  I love the default frames but I have no way to implement LibHealComm-4.0, the next addon I will discuss, into blizzards unit frames.  X-perl also gives me so functionality that really helps in raiding, ie: bigger debuffs and buffs on my target.  

LibHealComm-4.0 is a must have addon! If you want to know that you are being healed, or if another healer is casting a heal then download this addon and a unit frame addon compatible.  As a tank this just lets me be a bit more relaxed because I can see if a heal is incoming.  If I get really low and don't see a heal, I know to pop some cool downs to make to make it easier to heal me and give me some more survivability.  As a healer this addon helps me reduce my over healing.  Sometimes this can back fire because the other healers in the raid think that they have to compensate and they end up over healing instead of me.  If all the healers had this mod there would be better coordination between heals giving raids that slight edge over a fight.

Over the next few days I will cover some addons in greater detail and go over the setup of some more confusing addons.  

If you have any questions please comment below.

The final addon that I want to leave you with for the day is by far my favorite addon.  It changes the look of blizzards default bars, lets you scale them, skin them, move them.  It's just awesome.

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